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Here are some comments from some of our customers.  Please feel free to give us Trip Advisor review on the left or send an email in the contact tab and we can post your comment with your permission. Thank you for your support and kind comments!
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Thank you to our customers for sharing your wonderful tour pictures!

To visit Dallas & Dealey Plaza was a dream 25 years in the making. I searched long and hard to find a suitable JFK assassination tour that would fit my needs & beliefs and would enrich my Dallas visit. I can unequivocally say that I found it with the JFK Custom Tours! Visiting Dallas meant more than just Dealey Plaza. There are so many other sites associated with November 22, 1963, I wondered how I could ever fit it in having to rely on my own devices. That problem was eradicated thanks to this wonderful tour. For two days I explored locations that had only existed on page or on screen leaving me with memories I will always cherish. All of this was possible thanks to Robin & Kendal. From the less glamorous aspects of organizing the trip online, Kendal ensured it ran smoothly with clear information and patience as I worked my way through what I needed. As to the tour itself, there are not enough words to describe what a wonderful, generous host Robin was! A more perfect gentleman you could not find who constantly went beyond his duties to ensure I had the perfect experience. As a long time JFK assassination student, there was still new things I learned, and Robin can cater to a person's understanding of the assassination, no matter how high or low. Robin went through varied threads of the assassination in a professional, clear, personable manner which sums Robin up as a man. You will enjoy every moment in his company. I urge everyone to experience a drive in Robin's immaculate replica of the Presidential limousine. To take the motorcade route of President Kennedy through Dallas and into Dealey Plaza in the Lincoln convertible is a surreal experience that will stay with you all you life. But every step of the tour was priceless. From standing in the backyard of Oswald's West Neely home, to the corner of 10th & Patton where Officer Tippit was shot to the Texas Theatre, along to visit the gravesite of Lee Harvey (not to mention the final resting places of Bonnie & Clyde!) history was transformed to living reality! From the beginner to the 'expert', this is a must tour for anyone remotely interested in history & the assassination of President Kennedy. I travelled from the other side of the world to be in Dallas and Robin & Kendal helped make a dream come true. I'm forever grateful.

     ~ Mark from Adelaide, Australia


Robin, just wanted to say just how much we enjoyed the experience.  I have to admit, a private tour of this kind was a bit of an extravagance for me, but we both came away feeling it was worth every penny. Robin was a gracious host who took good care of us through the rainy weather, but most importantly, we learned a great deal about a subject that has fascinated us both for a long time. Robin steered us through the events of November 1963 with an impressive amount of insight and clarity. None of our questions went unanswered, and Sharon in particular was impressed by his way of making a complex series of events not only more understandable but also fascinating to listen to!  I hope it will please you to know that our day with Robin is the one that made probably the biggest impact on us during our trip to the States, and that it has sparked off a continued interest in the assassination. New books have been bought, old documentaries have been tracked down. The DVD of Robin's lecture that we were kindly given has been shown to Sharon's family, who were just as impressed by it as we were. It's been a great opportunity for us both to explore a piece of history that now seems a lot less distant than it did a couple of months ago.  We hope you continue with your efforts to educate and entertain for a long time to come, thanks once again for making our vacation a memorable one!    All the best !     ~ Rob from England 


We have just returned from the most amazing tour with [Robin] that ended up running for close to 6 hours. This was a bucket list type experience for me and I feel so privileged to have met your dad - his enthusiasm and knowledge is unbelievable.  I must admit I am on quite a high from the whole experience - I really never thought I would ever have such an amazing opportunity.  [Robin] has absolutely reinstated my ‘fascination’ in the assassination and I no longer feel like a crazy person with weird obsession for the truth for an event that happened before my time. My husband who knew little prior is now equally fascinated and finally gets what was previously known as ‘my crazy obsession’.:-)  I have already managed to get a copy of ‘JFK and the unspeakable’ - a great recommendation!.    ~   Loren from the United Kingdom

We took on November 21st and want you to know what a special person [Robin] is.   I could not have chosen a better tour with the most knowledgeable of people.   Of course you don't know what to expect at the time and you get carried away with details and information and locations and the excitement of it all  that it is only after that you appreciate the planning of the days tour.  It was just right to start with Oswalds grave, then the walking tour, then out to Oakfcliff and the Texas Theatre etc, then to end with the car and the drive down on Main, Houston and Elm Street.    And of course he gauges  the tour very nicely to what you know about the JFK subject doesn't he!  
As [Robin] told me, I will have to come to a JFK conference.   And "The Car" is not the main reason why I booked with you but it is an added bonus! I will never forget the image of your Dad driving the car out with the flags waving away.   I'm not sure who was more excited, Robin or us.  It was just perfect.  With very kind regards and thank you both for arranging such a brilliant day.     ~ June from the UK

Robin, from looking at your website I knew you would speak of the history and would present it well.  What I didn't expect was just how deep your knowledge of the alternative narrative was, which was exactly the kind of tour I wanted.  Your tour has given me a lot to think about, and you are a real gem for people interested in the events that happened in 1963, and in particular the things we weren't meant to know! I hope more people come on your tour to learn as much as I did!   ~ Jon from the UK



I just wanted to say thank you so much!! We had an amazing day!!! My kids  had the most incredible time with Robin.  Everybody was fascinated and riveted the entire time- even my ten year old son was asking questions until the bitter end!!  I really appreciate all of your time. I am passing on your card !       ~   All the best,  Jackie from PA



Took this tour with my son and my father in law on April 1st while visiting Dallas and can’t say enough wonderful things about it!  Robin is great and the tour is absolutely fantastic!  First class service started with booking the reservation and continued throughout the tour.  Arranging our tour was incredibly pleasant and helpful  and Robin was the perfect guide- extremely friendly and knowledgeable.  This tour visited an impressive list of sights (including Dealey Plaza, Oswald’s rooming house, the location of Officer Tippit’s shooting, the Texas Theatre) but it was so much more than just sightseeing.  It was a fascinating journey that kept all three generations of my family enthralled.  And riding through Dealey Plaza in Robin’s extraordinary fully restored “Kennedy Car” is an incredible, not to be missed experience.  Robin’s Lecture Series DVD set is an outstanding addition to this exceptional tour.      ~ Pat from Florida


Please keep up the good work educating the public on the JFK Assassination.  Your presentation is outstanding and your knowledge is amazing! I hope to tour again with you someday.  Thanks again!    ~ Dwight from Houston

We have talked about our experience with Robin every single day since the trip. We just wanted to thank y’all again for everything plus more! The tour with Robin was everything Kole hoped for. We learned so much and had the absolute best time spending the day with him. He’s truly remarkable and the JFK community is very lucky to have him apart of it spreading the word.   ~ Kole & America from Alabama

We already miss Texas and will be back very soon! When we do come back, let Robin know he will be first to know of it and we will start right back where we ended. 



Had the most amazing day with [Robin], he is so generous with his time and knowledge and entertaining to boot!  Thank you so much for this unique and unforgettable day!   ~ Tamara from Australia



Mr. Brown, I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous tour.  I would recommend it to anyone who has interest in the facts surrounding the assassination.  Thanks also for the DVD, I can't wait to watch it.  It's all we could talk about for the rest of the weekend.  Your passion was evident and was very much appreciated.  ~ Paul from MD

It was a fan-TASTIC tour!  I will definitely come back for Ft. Worth tour, probably this fall.  Would love to see that hotel and hear about the Ft. Worth "night-before".  Also, I watched/listened to your dad's dvd, both discs, while I edited my "JFK" photos.  Wonderful DVD!          ~   Debra from Chicago


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