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Choose from a selection of Dallas Kennedy tours, a tour of the President's events in Fort Worth on the morning of November 22, 1963, famous graves, or a combination.
You choose what you want to see.
Take a ride through history in Robin's restored Kennedy Car!
The Grassy Knoll Tour
   Time: 3 Hours   
   Cost: $300  (total cost for up to 8 people)
       This tour does NOT include the Kennedy Car.  

Take a walking tour around Dealey Plaza.  You will learn stories of eye witness accounts, details of what was going on in the School Book Depository, locations and names of the shooting teams, and so much more.  Robin will cover aspects of intrinsic details that the public has never been made aware of.

The Lancer Tour
   Time:  4 Hours
   Cost: $450  (total cost for up to 5 people)
         This tour INCLUDES the Kennedy Car.   

dreamlike view only seen from the lens of Abraham Zapruder's camera comes to life in this recreation of President Kennedy's last moments where he transcended mortality into the mythical figure that still holds the world's fascination over 50 years later.  Enjoy this experience in a replica of the most famous car in history.

*The Grassy Knoll Tour is included in this package.

The Oswald Trail Tour
   Time: 4 Hours
   Cost: $400  (total cost for up to 6 people)

           This tour does NOT include the Kennedy Car.                                                             

           You will be in Robin's Ford Expedition

In addition to the Grassy Knoll tour, take a riding tour in Oak Cliff to drive by Oswald's rooming house, travel to the intersection of Tenth & Patton where Officer J.D. Tippit was shot, the Texas Theatre, visit Oswald's apt at 214 W. Neely  where the infamous forged backyard photograph was taken with his carcano rifle, and other happenings within an hour and half of the assassination.  These events are key to solving the murder of our 35th President who was publicly and brutally executed on the streets of a modern American city.

*The Grassy Knoll Tour is included in this package.

The Presidential Tour
   Time:  6-7 Hours
   Cost: $600  (total cost for up to 5 people)
          This tour INCLUDES the Kennedy Car.   
The most thorough and comprehensive JFK tour.

*The Grassy Knoll Tour, The Lancer Tour, and the Oswald Trail Tour, are all included in this package with additional extras.

11/22/63 Motorcade Route
   Time: 1 hour
   Cost: $300 (total cost for up to 5 people)
          This is a short, informative ride in the Kennedy Car.
For those who just want the experience of riding in the Kennedy Car on the route our 35th President took in downtown Dallas his last day in office, this short but memorable drive is for you.  You will have an opportunity to take as many photos with the Kennedy car as you would like.  Robin will end the tour with a very brief overview of a few events from 11/22/63,  and you will have an opportunity to ask some questions. 
Customize your JFK tour anyway you like

Ideas to add on:

  • Retrace the motorcade's frantic rush to Parkland Hospital and see where the original site of Trauma Room 1 was.  While there, you can see the JFK Memorial and the JFK reflecting pool at new Parkland Hospital.

  • Visit Ruth Paine's home in Irving  (also available from the Irving library is a tour of the inside of the home)

  • Visit Oswald's grave site or other JFK related grave sites

  • See where Jack Ruby's Carousel Club was located, his stories at the Adolphus hotel, and where his apartment was located in Oak Cliff.

  • Start your Dallas motorcade route off a Love Field just as they did on November 22, 1963.

  • Go inside Oswald's rooming house (additional $30 per person)

  • Drop off at the The 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

  • Visit the sight of Ralph Paul's restaurant, The Bull Pen,  in Arlington (Jack Ruby's close business associate) where 14 calls were made by Ruby the weekend of the assassination

  • Retrace the motorcade route that the President and Mrs. Kennedy took upon arriving on Air Force One in Fort Worth

  • Campisi's Egyptian Lounge - infamous Mob hangout where they proudly display their involvement with assassination events. Dine there if you choose - the food is great!

  • Famous graves of JFK witnesses and associated persons (see below)

Cost is $100/hr on top of your tour price

* For larger groups, we can make arrangements for a larger vehicle/van or multiple vehicles for an additional charge.

Fort Worth


  • The President spent his last night at the Hotel Texas (now the Downtown Fort Worth Hilton)

  • See where he stayed with Mrs. Kennedy and where he gave his last speech

  • You will also visit the Kennedy Memorial across from the hotel

  • There are some interesting photography displays in the hotel that Robin with go over in detail as well as go into many stories of events that occurred the morning of the 22nd and the evening before.

Time:  1  1/2 Hours
Cost: $150
Famous Graves Tour

These are some of the famous graves that Robin can take you to see.  If there is a grave you would like to see that is not on the list, just ask us and we can see about finding it for you.​



  • Clyde Barrow

  • H.R. "Bum" Bright

    • 2nd owner of Cowboys

  • David Harold Byrd "Dry Hole"

  • John Nance Garner​

  • Jean Hill (JFK witness)​

  • Conrad Hilton (Hilton Hotels)

  • H.L. Hunt

  • Tom Landry

  • Mickey Mantle

  • Clint W. Murchison

  • Herbert Marcus

  • Carrie Marcus Neiman

  • Bonnie Parker

  • Sam Rayburn

  • JD Tippit

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan

  • Henry Wade "Roe vs Wade"

  • Doak Walker

  • Abraham Zapruder 

Fort Worth


  • Amon G. Carter

  • Ben Hogan

  • Marvin Leonard (Colonel CC)

  • Byron Nelson

  • Davy O'Brien

  • Lee Harvey Oswald

  • Sid Richardson

  • W.T. Waggoner

*Please ask us about others graves you are interested in finding

Cost is $100/hr 


Top o Hill Terrace.jpg

Top O' Hill Terrace Tour


For an incredible history tour on the "Vegas before Vegas" by Vickie Bryant in Arlington, Texas (a 25 minute drive from downtown Dallas) at an incredible price visit the link below.    We highly recommend this tour!


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