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    JFK 50 Year Anniversary    

Lecture Series DVD

Robin gave a two night 50 Year Anniversary JFK Assassination lecture series at the North Central Texas College with over 100 people in attendance and it is available on DVD in a special 2-disc set.  The first lecture covers the enemies Kennedy made during his time as President and the events of November 22, 1963.  The second lecture covers the aftermath of the assassination, the creation of the President's commission to investigate the murder of President Kennedy, more commonly known as The Warren Commission, and many details that most Americans have been denied.


This 2 disc DVD set is complete with a detailed Power Point Presentation and video clips throughout.  


Length is approximatley 4 hours (1.5 hours on the first DVD and 2.5 hours on the 2nd DVD).


Cost $30.


Please contact us if you interested in purchasing a copy and we will be happy to mail one to you.


"I have watched your DVDs and thoroughly enjoyed them.  I will no doubt watch them again prior to our tour.  You are to be complimented on your exceptional depth and breadth of knowledge on the subject." ~Finlay from Australia


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