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Robin Brown, owner of Geo. J. Carroll & Son Funeral Home in Gainesville, Texas has devoted over forty five years to studying the JFK Assassination. It has been a life long dream of his to restore a Lincoln Continental convertible to resemble the famous limousine that President and Mrs. Kennedy traveled in on Friday, November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas.  


We feel that our family is uniquely qualified in that we have two generations committed to bringing the truth to anyone who is interested. Combining Robin's knowledge of the Kennedy assassination and his desire to bring the truth to another generation, we provide customers with a unique Kennedy experience.  The "Kennedy Car" enhances their ability to not only educate but add authenticity to the educational experience.

Robin has been featured on the Netflix's Dark Tourist (Episode 3 about 10 minutes in), on the UK's  ITV News titled ‘Trump & the Truth: America’s Conspiracy Wars', and several radio broadcasts.


Robin gave a two night 50 Year Anniversary JFK Assassination lecture series at the North Central Texas College with over 100 people in attendance.  The first lecture covered the enemies Kennedy made during his time as President and the events of November 22, 1963.  The second evening the lecture covered the aftermath of the assassination, the creation of the President's commission to investigate the murder of President Kennedy, more commonly known as The Warren Commission, and many details that most Americans have been denied.  In addition, Robin has given many lectures to community clubs and organizations.



"The majority of Americans consistently say that they believe a conspiracy killed

John F. Kennedy.  However, the general public has never invested the

time to understand the intrinsic details of the underlying events that

surrounded November 1963.  That is what we will explore

together, and the truth is what we seek". 


"The path of our nation, and in fact the course of world history,

was suddenly and violently altered on November 22,1963

and we have never found our way back since." 


"November 22, 1963 was nothing less than a public and

brutal execution of our nation's chief executive.  From that moment forward,

a culture developed within our country that created doubt, suspicion,

and eventually contempt for our government and our leaders."

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The Restored X-100 "Kennedy Car"

Robin has restored a 1963 Lincoln convertible that most people would easily recognize as the Kennedy car.


President Kennedy always preferred to travel in a Lincoln.

Over a 2 1/2 year project, this beautiful car is custom in "Kennedy Blue" with Presidential blankets on the doors, American flags, Secret Service handles, convertible top, and wheel cowling on the rear of the car.  Unlike the President's car, this car is not a true limousine, but will seat up to five guests comfortably along with Robin, your tour guide.


Click below to hear our interview with JD Ryan on the CBS radio show Texas Road Trippin'!













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